Block training for strength

If you are looking to build strength and resilience - you might want to consider block training. Simple word - very hard training! I do block training on the bike in the gym since this is one training session that I really like to control v. closely in terms of effort and time.

The idea is simple - you alternate between high RPM (revolutions per minute) with a low resistance, and low RPM with a very high resistance. Aim for 3 mins. for each block but you can build up the length of the ... Read More


Livestrong – a great site!

Being a fan of any rider in the Tour de France but definitely one that admires the amazing performance Lance Armstrong has just shown - I obviously had to check into his Livestrong project.

To my surprise, it's not just about a way to gain funds for his project, but the site is really good. If you are looking for all sorts of good calculators or tools, even a way to track your progress - then have a look at http://www.livestrong.com/tools. You can register and keep a profile if you ... Read More



Ok it's weekend, I have been working out like crazy all week and am feeling in tip-top shape.... well, almost. I really like a great massage or spa treatment which is like the icing on the cake, the celebration of all the hard work you put in to get and stay fit and healthy.

One of my favourite spas is the Spa at Equinox in Chicago under the fabulous management of Lisa. She definitely is a gal who has things under control. Which includes her clients ... Read More


From the downtown bike shop

I caught this on Twitter - thank you for that! - and just have to share with you. Don't worry - I will mention the source ofcourse which is Craig's list or @downtownRob. It just fits everything else I write about and creates some light humour after a long week!!

A few things from the bike shop.

Date: 2009-05-27, 4:05PM PDT

Whoo-hoo Seattle, the sun is out! Let's discuss a few things before you fumble with swapping the unused ski rack for the unused bike rack on ... Read More


A spring in your step

It's a known fact - your body ages as you get older. It's one thing knowing this, but I have sad news - it's even worse experiencing it!!

Of course I am not THAT old - but I definitely notice that I am less flexible then I used to be. Because your cells don't renew as eagerly as they used to, both your muscles and joints tend to become stiffer. But seriously - you don't have to take that! You can actually do something about it.

First of all - you can stretch more regularly to ... Read More


Some music to get you going!

For me, when I am working out in a gym - I need MUSIC! A great beat is like a great personal trainer - it gets you going, and keeps you going just that bit longer when you feel like giving up. So here are some favourite tunes that I love to work out to - turn up the volume and enjoy!!


Gonna make you sweat - C+C Factory

My life sucks without you - Kelly Clarkson

Elevator - Flo Rida

So What - Pink

This is the Life - Amy ... Read More

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Variety creates progress

I got started in Triathlons because I got injured as a runner. Simple fact. I had been running for a few years, and really loved it, but did find myself getting a few injuries along the way, shin splints, heel spur, sore knees - just because I was pounding the pavement too much. So then someone said "hey, you should try this little triathlon" whilst I was recovering and because I am Dutch and therefore born on a bicycle, and I could swim a length, I thought I would just try it. I actually won ... Read More


Measuring up…

As I see yet another magazine proclaiming to get you that hot "beach body" within a week, I thought I might do a little overview of how best to measure whether you are getting anywhere near that ideal.. Mind you, never understood the overkill on getting to that Beach Body. To me a beautiful body is anyone who is looking healthy, with a zest for life and confidence in themselves!

However, even for health it is good to know where you are at, and benchmarking against that.

SO what ... Read More


Energy – part 2.

I talked a lot about what types of energy your body uses as you breathe, walk around and work out. You basically use the three types : carbohydrates, fat and protein in that order of preference.

I got quite a few questions about that from you all. The generic question I hear is "If I work out at a fast pace, do I burn more calories and get faster?"

Well - the wonderful answer to this question is "it depends!". So you know nothing more then you did before...but let me try and ... Read More


Some new exercises!

Training again with Travis this morning - he never ceases to amaze me by coming up with new stuff every time. I like variety though, so happily go through the new moves he throws at me (and then stands by and just laughs!! PT are sadists at heart really I have decided)

Here's some that you really ought to try in your gym!

For your hamstrings and balance:
Find a regular bench, stand on the right of the bench, facing along the length of it (preferably in ... Read More


Treat time…

If you read my blog over the weekend, you can imagine that when I opened the washing machine today and took out my stuff, I found myself spraying sand all over the place. After my great, fun, brilliant bike ride on Saturday I added a beautiful run through a quiet Sunday morning wood - catching deer at their breakfast. And a hike today to kick off the day... what a way to start the week.

In any case, after all that, I figure it's treat time!!

Here's two recipes for treats that ... Read More


Sun, Sand and Simple fun

Yesterday, I simply had a lot of fun...or even a lot of simple fun.
The weather was a little grey and not actually that great, so I decided a bike ride would definitely cheer me up. As I rode with two of my cycling buddies, the weather cleared up and it actually became a nice summer day. We often ride in the area, without having any fixed idea of where we want to go, but this time we had decided to find a new path that we knew had to be there specifically for hikers and bikers ... Read More


Fysio/Physical Therapy – it’s part of the game

One of the less ideal sides of training and getting fit is that you may get injured in the process... or even if you are not injured, you may know yourself well enough after a while to know when it's time to be "Reset" - bit like an apple iPhone that needs restoring now and again to iron out all the quirks that seem to build up in the software!!

So my "apple support centre" consists of a range of great physical therapists/fysio's around the world. I like finding the great guys/gals ... Read More


Tour de France

I have to admit to being a huge fan. And this year it's gotten even better - not only have we survived years of doping, spiralling out of control, but we now have Twitter! It all adds to the ability to keep track of what is going on, all afternoon/evening long.

Personally, I have always used the Tour as a great training tool. Yeah, you heard me right, training tool. I am obviously not in the same league as the guys out there battling it away over 100;s km - but I can DEFINITELY ... Read More



It's not for nothing that people say Laughter is the greatest medicine.... it's true, when you feel sad, laughter will lighten your mood. But it also does wonders for your health. Not only are you using more facial muscles then when you are frowning (I will get you the exact numbers!) but you release hormones that will make you feel better then you did when you were sad.

A slight variation on a great old saying: "A smile a day keeps the doctor away!"

Similarly, one of my mantras ... Read More


Peanut Butter- friend or foe?

Always a great debate about Peanut Butter, is it GOOD for you or not??

Well - let me help you a little - Peanut Butter is definitely packed with calories, so eating a jar will make you gain weight. However, it is packed with the good kind of oil/fat - the non-saturated fats that you also find in olive oil and avocados etc. and you don't need to avoid all of them. It is classified as a vegetable fat, rather then animal fat.

You do need to look at the jar though and see how much ... Read More


Crazy Crunches

It's time to start working those abs a little more - it's amazing how all magazines seem to have a line on the front cover saying "get your bikini-body" or something to that extent. I think about 30% of all women dare wear a bikini - the other 70% prefer to wear something that covers a little more! Anyway - it grabs your attention. Now here's how to really get those abs toning. By the way, you can tone all you like, but don't forget that unless you also do lots of cardio to lower your ... Read More


The Light in your Eyes…

During the summer I exercise outdoors as much as I can. The feeling of air and sun on your skin is the best there is and only enhances the work-outs I do.

More and more people are aware of the fact that the sun, whilst great and healthy and necessary in a lot of ways, can also be harmful to your skin and we are beginning to all plaster ourselves with the appropriate SPF's. But one thing you do need to be aware of when exercising outdoors is the effect on your eyes too! Your eyes are ... Read More


Why keep fit?…this is why!

A hilarious little article caught my eye in the papers -

In Germany, a bag-thief got the suprise of his life. As he raced past an 80-year old lady cycling along, he grabbed her handbag from her basket. He, 41 and presumably in training for some time :-), sped off, but had not anticipated that the 80-year old would give chase!! She didn't hesitate but went off after him. And not only that, but she managed to catch the attention of a car driver in the process who didn't hesitate and ... Read More

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Running Schedule

This is a great schedule. It's both designed for novice runners that want to get started as well as for expert runners that have suffered an injury and need a guide to getting back into running again. I got it originally from a great phyisical therapist and have used it (more often then I'd like) over the past 20-odd years!

If you are new to running, start with Step 1!! Don't underestimate how much your body needs to acclimatize to the action of running. All you will end up with is ... Read More


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