The 9 Edges Endurance Run

Having reported a few weeks ago on the great challenge my friend Roddy and his two mates were undertaking for Charity - I just have to share with you how they fared.. Although I wasn't there myself - it is the kind of gruelling run that you can feel in every fibre of your body just looking at the pictures - and since a picture tells more then a thousand words - here's at least 20,000 ... Read More


Do you know your body type?

I usually don't pay too much attention to body types, because at the end of the day - you will simply have to work with the one you got! No use crying that you want to look like Arnold Schwarzenegger if you really are more like Danny de Vito after all.

I was in conversation yesterday though with Nando, Personal Trainer (www.1-2-1-trainers.com) and he pointed out that it does make a difference what material you work with and that it helps understanding your body type in order to know ... Read More


high revolution

I have been cycling like mad. With that I mean, I have been cycling and anyone looking at me must have thought I was mad (more so then usual even) or at the very least, I suspected them of thinking that based on how I was feeling.

The reason is that my schedule for this week told me that I needed to cycle at a lowish heart rate (that bit I can do easily!) but at an ever increasing high amount of revolutions per minute (RPM for short). And I tell you, when you are pedaling at 100 RPM on ... Read More


How to avoid Calories in food….

Women all know this particular bit of wisdom and use it to their greatest advantage....

Ever noticed we women love to eat of your plate? When it is time to order, we tell you to go ahead and have those chips, or that dessert whilst we order the mixed salad or maybe some fruit for afters, feeling very good about ourselves. But when those wicked chips come out, ofcourse we have to have one, oh go on, maybe even two or ten or half your portion.. and the icecream obviously is meant for you ... Read More

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Easy Days….

After a few weeks of training like mad, it's time for an easy week. I really like the three weeks increasing the intensity of your training and then actually taking a step down and having a week in which you simply let your body absorb and recover. During a week like that, you can still work-out, it definitely is not a good idea to sit down on the couch (if you were so inclined...) and do nothing. Your muscles would just go into shock and become stiff and then when you pick up again next ... Read More


Keep that Fuel Tank topped up!

By Guest Blogger Coen van Schijndel, Topvorm -  www.topvorm.com

Keep your Energy Tank fuelled!!!

An important concern of cyclists, as well as marathon runners or triatletes and all those that go for the longer nuance races is their energy supply. The energy sources which you have available to support your effort, are your body fat store and the storage of glycogen (carbohydrates) in your liver and muscles together with whatever you manage to consume and add during the actual ... Read More


It’s a crazy world

Maybe this has nothing to do with exercise...then again, maybe it does. It does have to do with feeling good so I figured I might as well add it.

Sometimes you have to do things you enjoy, just for the sake of the enjoyment itself. I recently have been thinking about all those things you love doing, which really you don't do often enough, maybe because it scares you a little, because your ego gets in the way, because you are supposed to be all grown up etc. I have written about my trip ... Read More

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Exercising for a good cause….

In this case, YOU are not the good cause I am referring to in the title, even though that may be equally true of course. I rather meant that from time to time it is a superb motivator to support a charity with your exercising.

I used to pick one event every year for which I would go out and get sponsorship from friends, colleagues and family. Once a year not because I wouldn't love to do it more often, but simply because you don't want people to get fed up with you asking for funds. ... Read More


The Corkscrew

Although the implement this exercise is named after, also may have relaxation as a result - this version is only a great, simple exercise that was explained to me by my physical therapist earlier this week. It is one of the few exercises that stretches all the tendons that keep your skeleton together. And as you will notice when you do this one, it tells you exactly which areas you may need to concentrate on for a while!

Lie flat on your back on a soft mat or rug - stretch your hands ... Read More