Pain in the backside…

It literally is a pain in the bum....

Sometimes, you cannot balance everything that is going on in your life - and I have found that out yet again. Of course, I have had times in my life before where I was struggling to keep an equilibrium between work, play, sports, family, friends and so on.

You may be different, but it took me a good number of years to figure out that "balance" doesn't mean that every moment, or even every day is in perfect balance. But more that there has to ... Read More


Keep on running…

A great run to do after a busy week is one that adds a little fun to your day. So rather then merely heading out, and pounding out the miles at your regular pace, let's get some variety in there!

If you listen to music whilst you are running, then you can use that to alter your pace. If you don't have music along .... which I don't when I run in the woods, simply preferring to really enjoy the silence around me although I am sometimes rather disturbed by my own heavy breathing!!....  ... Read More


Timing your supplements!

Following my blog yesterday on B Complex, I got an immediate response from Jody de Groot on when to take these supplements to get the best result... so here goes!

There are many schools of thought on when to take supplements and I think some of this will be down to personal preference as much as anything else. But there are a number of things that might be good or even fun to know...

In general it is best to spread out your vitamins and mineral intake during the day - that way ... Read More


Supplements – B Complex

This time of year, tons of people on the Northern Hemisphere start suffering from the winter blues. As I wrote in my last post, getting out in the fresh(est) air is still a good idea as you will get some oxygen but also a little bit of light which can be amazingly good for you. But there are other things that will help you get through those winter months with spirits lifted and body in great shape.

One of these supplements is Vitamin B. There is a range of different B's in the family ... Read More


It’s getting cold and dark…

If you are living in the Northern hemisphere...you will know what I mean with the title above..

It's getting to that time of the year that when you get up in the mornings, it is dark and when you get home in the evening it is dark again. Not to mention that temperatures are dropping and you start getting your wintercoats out of the mothballs.

So when I turn to my friends and ask them to come out riding or running with me, they kinda give me that look that says "Are you ... Read More


Setting Goals!

This week I have two friends who will be running marathons - separated by some 15,000 miles! Coen van Schijndel will be running the Eindhoven marathon - hoping to run it in exactly 3 hours (wow!) and Mike Kelly will be aiming to finish in 3:30 (wow2!) in the Chicago Marathon...

I love the fact that both these guys have been keeping me motivated with their stories of their training. I know what it takes to run a marathon - you are out there for hours just running and trying not to get ... Read More


Sleep your way to lower weight…..

Now here's a study that will make a lot of people happy - it has been clinically proven that if you sleep well, you can lose more weight then if you don't! Or reversely - if you do not sleep well - you will gain weight, but let's focus on the positive!

It's all to do with a couple of hormones, one that helps you feel full and one that makes you feel hungry. The akward thing is that as you get more sleep deprived, the one that makes you feel full is present less in your body - meaning ... Read More


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