Great set of stretches!

Here's for all of you who didn't buy into my winter fun suggestions of earlier this week... a nice half an our stretch work-out you can do in the warmth of a fitness centre or even at home.

Start loosening up - just take a couple of deep breaths in, letting your stomach extend as you inhale. Exhale through your mouth.

Do all off the below about 20 times (either side for arm/leg movements) not forcing the pace, but letting it flow naturally.


Snow fun

This time of the year offers heaps of new types of entertainment and fitness-ability... due to that one special ingredient: snow.

Snow means you can go skiiing, or cross-country skiing, often at the same time as skating etc. But even without resorting to special sports - it offers so many ways of getting a flush on your cheeks and your heart pumping. Simply taking a walk becomes a different kind of work-out. Don't be put off by the fact that it is cold, bundle up and get those boots ... Read More


Swim training

Of all the training sessions you can do, swimming is often overlooked - even by me. I realised suddenly I hadn't written up any swimsessions yet! Major oversight, for sure. Swimming is great exercise. I once looked at a health magazine that posted pictures of sports men/women of various sports AND at various ages, so like at 20, 40 and 60. The swimmers aged the most graceful of all of the sports displayed by far. They kept a great shape (that nice V-shape) and long, defined limbs. Of course ... Read More


Paleo Diet

I passed on information two days ago on the benefits of a diet that followed certain guidelines. Since then I have been doing a lot more reading about the benefits and have found some additional information that I want to share ...

The info was a summary of what is called the Paleolithic Diet - which is also called Cave man diet or Hunter/Gatherer diet. Unlike Atkins which is based on not mixing your proteins and carbs - this "diet" is based on scientifically backed studies into foods ... Read More


Healthy diets….

Diet is a huge part of being healthy and fit and looking great! :-)

But what is the right diet, there are so many rules and so many myths to bypass.  I have mentioned before that staying as close as possible to natural foods, so nothing processed, is one golden rule that will help you navigate safely through the food maze.

Now the ... Read More


Soft tissue

An expansive topic - Soft Tissue. Meaning all the tissues that are not bone, effectively so skin, underlying layers as well as muscles and tendons. Often injuries start occurring when layers of tissue get "glued" together - causing less flexibility and more friction for other parts to move. Or your muscles develop tiny tears which can lead to scar tissue which in turn can lead to more tearing etc. So all in all, keeping your soft tissue loose is definitely something you want to do. You can do ... Read More


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