You’re only as good as…. your equipment

As regular readers know by now, I am all for exercising outdoors. I run outside, bike outside, ski, skate, do my weight sessions and stretches outside whenever I can. Part of my love of sports, is that I CAN do all these things outdoors, get some much needed oxygen into my system and feel that sense that I call "love of the universe" as a result.

But at times you are forced to go indoors - either because of (extreme) weather, or because you are travelling or you live inner-city where ... Read More


Power of Positive Thinking

I was watching a programme this week on TV, whilst on my treadmill of course ;-),  which was claiming this wonderful new fitness movement. Basically, what it boiled down to was the fact that it combined a good solid exercise routine based on yoga moves, pilates and cardiovascular work-out elements with positive thinking. Well - I must say - I couldn't agree more then that postive thinking will have a serious impact both on your physical well being as well as your mental state. But it isn't ... Read More


A little sunshine…

During these long dark winterdays, it sometimes seems that you are endlessly waiting for a little bit of light to filter through into our lives. So  let me help you with this special playlist I created. It will bring that a little sunshine and a lot of beat into your exercising hours!

The playlist is built so you can start with any easy warm-up, the moves up a notch to a few more energetic sections to get your heart going and then let’s you cool down to some classics. Use it on the ... Read More


Crosscountry Skiing

Adding a bit of variety seems to be quite easy at the moment - the winter weather is throwing in all sorts of challenges and obstacles but at the same time - it makes it a great time to do something out of the ordinary. Ofcourse, you can continue your workouts as you did before indoors, but why not make the most of the cold weather (across a lot of the western hemisphere at least) and go out in the snow and on the ice?

Cross-Country skiiing - like many sports really - started out as ... Read More


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