Running, shoes and good advice

Got an interesting question today from one of my frequent readers (I do have them it seems, quite nice to hear...) She has started to run and is enjoying it but just recently started to get an odd feeling in her groin after running. Nothing too painful, but just a twinge that is annoying.

Whenever you start running (or any new sport) it's good to keep a check on yourself. I mean that in two different ways - 1. Don't overdo it, build it up and go slow! and 2. literally, note down how ... Read More



Bet this title got your attention! :-)
Age seems to be the new mass obsession. We have had smoking, and banned it - drinking, banned that too - coffee, diminished our intake but what to do about Aging? We seem to want to control everything these days, we seem to want to be healthy and look young until we are about to step into our ... Read More


Your best accessory

Whether you are an Oscar winning actress, or simply someone like me - I can tell you exactly which accessory will always work and make you look your very best.

You don't need expensive dresses, amazing bling-bling jewelry or even a goodlooking guy on your arm :-).

The world's best accessory is Self-Confidence. Hold your head high, back straight and you will look a million dollar any day of the week. ... Read More


TRX training

In the last year, I have been introduced by my PT Nando to TRX training. Yesterday I continued on the learning path with Chris Dovale at Equinox San Francisco.

TRX training is a great way or working out and can literally be carried with you anywhere. I just love it. Instead of using all sorts of machines, or even dumbbells/weights, it uses your own bodyweight. The core system consists of two pairs of straps, hooked at an elevated level. That means, you can hook it over a door, a ring ... Read More


Healthy options

Giving people advice on eating and sports is my passion - I am happy to answer questions and make suggestions any day. But sometimes I have to admit to wondering why I am doing it. Those days you see that you have shared all you know on good food, and then the person who asked turns round and makes choices that make you wonder if they listened to anything you said.

Eating healthily is not boring, does not have to be hard, and is certainly not about sacrificing great flavour. It's just ... Read More

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