Fuel your body

What I have noticed, and definitely like to see, is that there is a growing awareness of the need to feed your body the fuel it needs to perform. I know, it's been around forever - sportsnutrition is definitely not a new phenomenon and no, I am not so old that I have forgotten that! But even though I have been around in the sports world for 25 years (and a bit more), it strikes me that now, finally, even the average person is starting to understand that food does make a huge difference. The ... Read More


on the right path?

Life is all about ups- and downs. Maintaining a healthy body and healthy mind is no different!

This weekend, I was trying out some fitness wear. When showing my choices to my patient shopping friend, the sales woman said to him "I hope I will look like her when I am as old as she is"...

I think I'll take that as a compliment.... :-)... Read More



So from time to time, I am inspired to write not just about my own love of sports and keeping fit and healthy, but about the journey someone else takes.

I have this great friend, Roddy, that when we used to work together, would always be on the verge of starting a fitness regime. We'd travel around Europe together on business and he would "maybe" join me in the gym in the morning, or "almost" go on a run with me at 5am..but never quite make it. So we joked about it, and I teased him ... Read More



As a (former) triathlete, swimming is 30% of the race. Not so much in time, but definitely in effort :-) I never knew how to do freestyle, and started out doing my triathlons swimming my 1500 metres or even 3km doing breaststroke instead of freestyle. But although I was a fast breast-stroker, I realised soon enough that I simply would never improve ... Read More


Eggs…what else?

It's Easter - so the association with eggs wasn't terribly hard to make... whether you are hunting for them, painting them, throwing them at unsuspecting friends, it's all good - as long as you eat some as well.

Eggs are one of those foods that appear on every nutrition guru's list of wonderfoods - be it Dr. Atkins, Dr. Elson Haas, George Mateljan (see his book The World's Healthiest Foods, easy recipes!) or Dr. Phil (joking!) - they all have eggs listed. And not without reason, ... Read More


Running Schedule

It's Spring... finally! Spring means you wanna get outside again, (well if it isn't raining too much :-)

Spring also means that you start looking at that bathing suit or trunks and wonder how it's going to look this year. Or rather more pertinently - how YOU are going to look. So Spring is the time a lot of people try and make good on those ... Read More


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