Lose weight or else…

Here's one site I just came across that I just love - it's hilarious.

The picture: you have tried everything to lose weight, you have sworn off food for life, you have bribed your husband/wife to only cook you healthy foods, you have tinkered with the scale to show that number you desperately want to see and/or you have set fire to your old wardrobe trying to kid yourself into one that is at least 2 dress sizes smaller...and none of it has worked.

The solution: according to ... Read More


ALS – the rest of your life

I write about health, fitness and sports - that is my passion and an intrinsical part of my life. I write about things you can do to train, to get the most out of your life, to stay healthy and most of all, to LIVE your life with passion and joy.

But occasionally I have to veer to another topic and look at the other side of health, fitness and feeling great - one of my sporting buddies, the fittest guy of the troop on the bike - just got diagnosed with ALS. ALS - Amyotrophic lateral ... Read More


Listen to your body

This week a close friend of mine ended up in hospital. Hospital staff called it a miracle he came through the door upright, usually people with his issue would have been carried through! Although he had needed a little push to get him to go, he went to the doctor after not feeling great for a while and will live a healthy life because he listened to his body...

I have always believed that at the end of the day - you know your own body best. Or at least, you should know it ... Read More


Healthy foods

My last blog resulted in a number of comments and emails showing that you all do care about WHAT you eat, not just when or how much. In replying to some of you, I talked about food combinations, which can help you lose weight more quickly then just eating or leaving out one staple food item. For instance, if you are losing weight, you will need to make sure that despite the fact that it seems easy to cut out carbohydrates completely - this is not a good thing at all. You need carbohydrates ... Read More


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