It is not WHAT you eat, it’s what your body does with it!

Last week I talked about the great misunderstanding even healthy people have about food. They think that just because they consume healthy foods, they must be healthy. Alas, if only it were that easy!! :-)

I am one of those people, I hasten to add. Although ever since I can remember I have been conscious of what I ate ( I am lucky that I even as a child I always liked the healthy options, loving cherries better then a candy or celery over chips and just pigging out now and again) I also know that my body does not seem to do too well on actually absorbing the nutrients I try and feed it! I know this because I have had it tested at yearly-or-so-intervals via blood tests over the years I was a competitive athlete. But it's hard to keep doing those blood tests so you really only ever measure it irregularly. Ofcourse that way I never really got to the bottom of what my body did or did not get from food, just that I was low on a number of different nutrients.

Pharmanex Biophotonic Scanner

Fortunately though, there is a much better and easier way now to figure out what your body is lacking -  putting you on the path of eating not just healthy, but the RIGHT foods for you. It's a little, non-invasive scanner that measures the carotenoids* (the yellow stuff in carrots and other fruits/vegetables) via the palm of your hand which you press against a laser beam. Very easy, fast, very safe and with amazing results.

Now, I can hear you mumble "so what would I do with that?" Well - you don't have to be an athlete to want to get the best mileage out of your body, right? But how do you do that if you don't have a clue what your starting point is? You might well find that you are eating all those fruits and vegetables for nothing! And to those amongst you that think to yourselves "I know I eat unhealthily, so what do I care" I would say - well, you may be surprised to find that you are one of those people that actually do get the most from whatever rubbish you feed your body. And knowing that may just make you feel a bit better about yourself, and in turn lead you to eating a tiny bit healthier!! It's GOOD to know whether you are getting the most out of your foods, it's GREAT to be able to improve on that score. We all want to live a long life it seems, but personally I don't just want to be 100, I want to get there with all my functions (mental and physical) in the best possible shape they can be. That to me is worth the US$10 bucks it costs to get your test done to get started :-)

You'll have to find someone that has one of these scanners. In the Bay Area I highly recommend Dr. Constance Henderson PhD, Integrative Nutrition Educator and Coach. She was gracious enough to let me post her email address and phone number here for you: constancemhend@gmail.com or call: 510.684.5011.

In other areas, look on the Pharmanex site for details of practitioners. Don't delay - find your own starting point and get ready to rock the New Year!






* Note - Here I quote from a longer article on these carotenoids:  "Serum carotenoids are a good measure of the absorptive capacity of the individual. Thus an individual with a diet high in fruits and vegetables and therefore large amounts of dietary carotenoids usually has a high carotenoid antioxidant score. The antioxidant score, or the numeric result from this scan, can be used to determine how well a person is processing carotenoid antioxidants and whether the antioxidants are reaching the cell where they exert their protective functions. The number, which seems to be in the range of 25,000 and higher in those with optimal health, increases with greater consumption of carotenoid-containing fruits and vegetables, consumption of carotenoidcontaining nutritional supplements, smoking cessation, and loss of excess body fat (Carlson et al., 2006). The measurement is quick, easy, and inexpensive, making it a likely assessment tool for nutritional professionals in the future."

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