I love the little things in life. The the beauty and simplicity of some things, the unexpected and the quirky. It's always when you least expect it that something happens. And if you are open to it, you will catch it and learn from it even though you were not looking for it at that time.


This week I was standing in my favourite deli in the Bay Area, Colombo at Manor Drive, Pacifica, and got talking to the owner about cheese. Yes, cheese :-) I mentioned I love a cheese I buy when I am in Europe, which has fenugreek seeds in it. As she had not heard of fenugreek, I got on Wikipedia to show her what it looked like. And it turned out to actually be quite a great little miracle worker (the herb, not sure about the cheese lady!)

Not only is it used as a herb or spice, but it turns out to be particularly good to prevent a number of different illnesses. As a tea, drunk once a day, it can alleviate symptoms of arthritis. It can be used as a powder or supplement to treat diabetes "antidiabetic effects of fenugreek seeds ameliorate most metabolic symptoms associated with type-1 and type-2 diabetes in both humans and relevant animal models by reducing serum glucose and improving glucose tolerance."

And finally, it seems that in women that are breastfeeding it actually can help with the milk production.

So whilst I love it in my cheese - that will probably not give you much of the benefits described above (or you'd have to eat tons of the stuff). But look for it in a tea or tablet form and you might just have found a little helper with some of the health issues you may face!

As I said before, I am always the most amazed how our bodies can actually tell us what is and what isn't good for it. As long as you choose to listen!

I wish you all a wonderfully happy and healthy New Year. Make it a year to remember, full of unexpected, quirky little gems.



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