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So last week I wrote about the need to run on treadmills and my general dislike of it. Well, it's like I immediately got a big slap on the wrist the next day! I discovered a completely different kind of treadmill that actually has me really excited!

A lot of my favourite runs are through the woods near my home, lovely mixes of trails and paths strewn with pine needles. That feeling of stillness and softness underfoot when your foot strikes the needles. The needles glide a little it seems, making your running gait that much smoother - there's just nothing like it.... or so I thought until I met The Woodway treadmill!

Have you seen one of these yet? Have you TRIED one of these yet - wow, just amazing. There are a lot of claims on the company's website about the uniqueness of its (German) engineering and new ball-bearing slatted surface - and I am sure they are very true. In the end, it's all about the user experience though and I can tell - it's GREAT!! I honestly wanted to start saving up for one of my own after running three intervals on the thing, and that is saying something for someone that swears by outdoor sports.

So here's a little of the nitty gritty - there are 8 types of Woodway's - each with the same enigneering and slatted surface but all different widths, lengths and speed they go up to. You can get some types with a negative degree, meaning you can replicate downhill running (I have always wondered why treadmills couldn't do that before!) and then there is the Curve, a treadmill sloped up in front and back without any mechanism to speed it along. You heard me right, it works entirely on you pushing yourself - no electricity needed, just your sweat! I love thinking outside the box and it seems to me that the Woodway manufacturer is taking on the old idea of running on treadmills and pretty much turning it upside down.

Can't wait to do more intervals and speedwork on the Woodway. And I am not going to tell you where the one I run on stands or I will never get a chance to run on it again! :-)


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  1. OK – where is it…

  2. Good catch – here’s the website so you can find your own :-) http://www.woodway.com/performance/pro.html

  3. Very nice article, Marion! The picture however shows a ELG treadmill, not a Curve :-)

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