Love this idea…VESSYL

A little while ago I received a link to this brilliant new technology-geek-gadget of the decade - the VESSYL.

We will still have to wait for a while longer before it finally is really here, but it literally makes my mouth water at the thought of having this kind of technology in a cup!

So what is it? It is described by the producers as:

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MOOV – latest in fitness gadgets

We have seen and used the Nike Fuel Band, the Jawbone UP and the Fitbit Flex or Force...and now it is time for a new competitor: MOOV

I love my Fitbit by the way, out of the three listed above I think it is the best I have seen. But it is still lacking a few things - UP, Fuelband and Flex/Force all list your sleep patterns, allow you to track steps and food/water consumption and calorie output. Fitbit also is capable of adding activities like swim sessions (which for some mysterious ... Read More


Spira shoes – saving runners’ knees

Just recently, I met Andy Krafsur, the founder, CEO and inventor of Spira and it's Wavespring technologoy. Of course it didn't take very long for us to start jabbering away about running not in the least because it never takes long for Andy to show his colours. Literally. He came to a meeting about Job Creation we both were invited to participate in (with White House representatives) with a boatload of his running shoes in all colours and sizes. Andy is passionate - which is probably the ... Read More

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Treadmill running

So last week I wrote about the need to run on treadmills and my general dislike of it. Well, it's like I immediately got a big slap on the wrist the next day! I discovered a completely different kind of treadmill that actually has me really excited!

A lot of my favourite runs are through the woods near my home, lovely mixes of trails and paths strewn with pine needles. That feeling of stillness and softness underfoot when your foot strikes the needles. The needles glide a little it ... Read More


Fuel Band Nike+…. the holy grail?

So Nike is at it again - combining existing technologies and software into a new application for sports minded people. The Fuel Band is not even out yet - but it will be soon! And it promises some fun new things.

None of what the Fuel Band promises is actually new - it uses the iPhone apps to set your goals, it has the ability to track your heart rate, monitor calories burned, steps taken, all existings items of course. But I have to say - they have managed to make it look amazingly ... Read More


How to freeze an athlete…

It's a simple ingredient to any training - ICE. We have all been there, you train hard, you go for it as much as you can and then you have to hurry up, get changed and go to work (or something). The next day, you wonder why your body is in agony and remember in misery that you didn't cool down sufficiently after your training, and therefore all the waste produce of the hard training is still rumbling around your body and stiffening up those muscles. As you robotically try and descend the ... Read More


From racing bike to wheelchair…

This time I am posting a blog that was written by my spinning buddy Eelco. I wrote about Eelco a few months ago, just after he had been diagnosed with ALS, a condition that atrophies the muscles in your body over the course of usually a few years, till you finally die as you can no longer even take your next breath. A death sentence in other words.

I have followed with admiration how Eelco is not just dealing with his own illness, but how he has started a ... Read More


New Bikes

[caption id="attachment_439" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="The new LDN bike - sneak preview"][/caption]

I love the way the fitness industry is never static. Changes in knowledge, scientific breakthroughs and simply ever fasting changing ... Read More


Swim Equipment

Swimming is a great activity and obviously for us on the Western Hemisphere, a very attractive one, now that summer has more or less arrived! For serious swimming, i.e. doing laps or swimming in open water at a reasonable pace, you can use a number of things that will be useful in your training.

Funnily enough I was reading a blog on another site recently about swimming where they started out with reminding people that you needed a swimsuit... that is going one too far I think, I would ... Read More


Running, shoes and good advice

Got an interesting question today from one of my frequent readers (I do have them it seems, quite nice to hear...) She has started to run and is enjoying it but just recently started to get an odd feeling in her groin after running. Nothing too painful, but just a twinge that is annoying.

Whenever you start running (or any new sport) it's good to keep a check on yourself. I mean that in two different ways - 1. Don't overdo it, build it up and go slow! and 2. literally, note down how ... Read More


TRX training

In the last year, I have been introduced by my PT Nando to TRX training. Yesterday I continued on the learning path with Chris Dovale at Equinox San Francisco.

TRX training is a great way or working out and can literally be carried with you anywhere. I just love it. Instead of using all sorts of machines, or even dumbbells/weights, it uses your own bodyweight. The core system consists of two pairs of straps, hooked at an elevated level. That means, you can hook it over a door, a ring ... Read More



No, I didn't make a spelling mistake- this piece of torture is called the Wundachair. It's part of the standard Pilates session - and it is really quite amazing.

Screen shot 2010-02-21 at 10.36.26 AM... Read More


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