Non-Celiac Gluten Sensitivity – I knew I had something!!

This article in the New York Times today is so informative that I have to share it with you - as you know I have been eating Gluten Free (GF as most people now call it) for years and have been an advocate since I started. Now it seems, medical research is backing me up, hurray!

Do read the article, 5 minutes can change your life!

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On the road to better energy!

Lately I have been focusing on a new aspect very closely related to the whole idea of training to get fitter and healthier - that of training and supporting your internal systems. I really strongly believe that healthy eating is key to getting the best out of yourself. So often, people will view food as something that they should enjoy first and foremost. What it does once inside you, apparently is secondary. For me, whilst I love my food to be tasty, what it does is almost the more important ... Read More



I love the little things in life. The the beauty and simplicity of some things, the unexpected and the quirky. It's always when you least expect it that something happens. And if you are open to it, you will catch it and learn from it even though you were not looking for it at that time.

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It is not WHAT you eat, it’s what your body does with it!

Last week I talked about the great misunderstanding even healthy people have about food. They think that just because they consume healthy foods, they must be healthy. Alas, if only it were that easy!! :-)

I am one of those people, I hasten to add. Although ever since I can remember I have been conscious of what I ate ( I am lucky that I even ... Read More


Correcting your behaviour – NOW

As I share in my introduction and many of my blogs - I am one of those nuts that has always exercised, for as long as I can remember. Which memory btw, unfortunately gets shorter every day as conversely the time I have been exercising gets longer (maybe that is a good think) ;-(

This week I had a great run with Chris Dovale - my personal trainer - along one of my favourite routes. We run along and then go up the steps to the Coit Tower in SF and back down the streets to our starting ... Read More



I wrote a few weeks ago about the benefits of not eating too much sugar. And I am learning more and more as I keep coming back to this subject. Sugar actually is plain BAD for you - no sugar has never killed anyone. And if you start looking at it more - you will find that sugar seems to be in all these things that you just load in your supermarket basket thinking they are HEALTHY! Take beans in tomato sauce (ok, you may never have loaded that in your basket, but I own up to liking them) - ... Read More


PR Bars – all good stuff

As you know I am always on the look out for great tasting healthy snacks, preferably one with something to offer me pre or post workout and above all, since I am one of the converted - Gluten Free!

The latter is harder then it seems, anything that was made in a facility that also manufactures your standard granola bar, is out for me - I get all sorts of stomach upsets that I don't really care to tell you more about. Suffice to say, I am even pickier then I used to be when it comes to ... Read More


Coconut Palm Sugar

More and more often I read that sugar seems to be rather bad for your health. Particularly with regards to Aging (which I am getting more worried about, I have to admit... doesn't it just seem to creep up on you?) So I have recently been looking for good alternatives. There are lots of foods I don't like eating without the added touch of something sweet (like oatmeal or coffee).

I don't like sachrose or any of those chemical sweeteners much, honey has too strong a flavour for a lot of ... Read More


Thinking about Food

It struck me this week that food means different things to different people. I know, not exactly an earth shattering or scientifically astounding thought, but still - I had often wondered why people make such wrong choices when it comes to choosing what food they want to eat and now  I have finally worked that out.

Ultimately - I think that most people view food as something they "deserve", or in other words, a treat. When it comes to treats, you want something that is indulgent, like ... Read More


Simple stuff

Many of you ask me for help with diets and particularly diets when you are travelling. It is a tough one, I know from experience, I spend enough time on the road myself!

For me the rule is simple, I try and stick with foods that are as close to natural as possible. No cakes, biscuits, muffins but bananas, bags of nuts or raisins or a mix of those two, salads and simple sandwiches if you must get something solid. In terms of drinks, green tea is fine, water obviously is perfect and ... Read More


Lose weight or else…

Here's one site I just came across that I just love - it's hilarious.

The picture: you have tried everything to lose weight, you have sworn off food for life, you have bribed your husband/wife to only cook you healthy foods, you have tinkered with the scale to show that number you desperately want to see and/or you have set fire to your old wardrobe trying to kid yourself into one that is at least 2 dress sizes smaller...and none of it has worked.

The solution: according to ... Read More


Healthy foods

My last blog resulted in a number of comments and emails showing that you all do care about WHAT you eat, not just when or how much. In replying to some of you, I talked about food combinations, which can help you lose weight more quickly then just eating or leaving out one staple food item. For instance, if you are losing weight, you will need to make sure that despite the fact that it seems easy to cut out carbohydrates completely - this is not a good thing at all. You need carbohydrates ... Read More


Fuel your body

What I have noticed, and definitely like to see, is that there is a growing awareness of the need to feed your body the fuel it needs to perform. I know, it's been around forever - sportsnutrition is definitely not a new phenomenon and no, I am not so old that I have forgotten that! But even though I have been around in the sports world for 25 years (and a bit more), it strikes me that now, finally, even the average person is starting to understand that food does make a huge difference. The ... Read More


Eggs…what else?

It's Easter - so the association with eggs wasn't terribly hard to make... whether you are hunting for them, painting them, throwing them at unsuspecting friends, it's all good - as long as you eat some as well.

Eggs are one of those foods that appear on every nutrition guru's list of wonderfoods - be it Dr. Atkins, Dr. Elson Haas, George Mateljan (see his book The World's Healthiest Foods, easy recipes!) or Dr. Phil (joking!) - they all have eggs listed. And not without reason, ... Read More


Healthy options

Giving people advice on eating and sports is my passion - I am happy to answer questions and make suggestions any day. But sometimes I have to admit to wondering why I am doing it. Those days you see that you have shared all you know on good food, and then the person who asked turns round and makes choices that make you wonder if they listened to anything you said.

Eating healthily is not boring, does not have to be hard, and is certainly not about sacrificing great flavour. It's just ... Read More

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the importance of Protein

There are tons of myths about protein and sports. For instance, that simply eating more protein will increase your muscles. Now - it would be nice if it worked like that but then again, when have you ever found something to be that easy? No, unfortunately, eating protein alone will not build all that nice toned muscle for you - you have to work at it yourself!

But protein is a very important nutrition source for muscles and you should look closely at your diet and ensure you are ... Read More


Paleo Diet

I passed on information two days ago on the benefits of a diet that followed certain guidelines. Since then I have been doing a lot more reading about the benefits and have found some additional information that I want to share ...

The info was a summary of what is called the Paleolithic Diet - which is also called Cave man diet or Hunter/Gatherer diet. Unlike Atkins which is based on not mixing your proteins and carbs - this "diet" is based on scientifically backed studies into foods ... Read More


Healthy diets….

Diet is a huge part of being healthy and fit and looking great! :-)

But what is the right diet, there are so many rules and so many myths to bypass.  I have mentioned before that staying as close as possible to natural foods, so nothing processed, is one golden rule that will help you navigate safely through the food maze.

Now the ... Read More


Timing your supplements!

Following my blog yesterday on B Complex, I got an immediate response from Jody de Groot on when to take these supplements to get the best result... so here goes!

There are many schools of thought on when to take supplements and I think some of this will be down to personal preference as much as anything else. But there are a number of things that might be good or even fun to know...

In general it is best to spread out your vitamins and mineral intake during the day - that way ... Read More


Supplements – B Complex

This time of year, tons of people on the Northern Hemisphere start suffering from the winter blues. As I wrote in my last post, getting out in the fresh(est) air is still a good idea as you will get some oxygen but also a little bit of light which can be amazingly good for you. But there are other things that will help you get through those winter months with spirits lifted and body in great shape.

One of these supplements is Vitamin B. There is a range of different B's in the family ... Read More

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