Love this idea…VESSYL

A little while ago I received a link to this brilliant new technology-geek-gadget of the decade - the VESSYL.

We will still have to wait for a while longer before it finally is really here, but it literally makes my mouth water at the thought of having this kind of technology in a cup!

So what is it? It is described by the producers as:

... Read More


MOOV – latest in fitness gadgets

We have seen and used the Nike Fuel Band, the Jawbone UP and the Fitbit Flex or Force...and now it is time for a new competitor: MOOV

I love my Fitbit by the way, out of the three listed above I think it is the best I have seen. But it is still lacking a few things - UP, Fuelband and Flex/Force all list your sleep patterns, allow you to track steps and food/water consumption and calorie output. Fitbit also is capable of adding activities like swim sessions (which for some mysterious ... Read More


Fuel Band Nike+…. the holy grail?

So Nike is at it again - combining existing technologies and software into a new application for sports minded people. The Fuel Band is not even out yet - but it will be soon! And it promises some fun new things.

None of what the Fuel Band promises is actually new - it uses the iPhone apps to set your goals, it has the ability to track your heart rate, monitor calories burned, steps taken, all existings items of course. But I have to say - they have managed to make it look amazingly ... Read More


Simple and very effective

I like these new tools that you find now and again. Particularly if they are very simple and can work for anyone.

Here's one I just discovered - a combination between a Bosu ball (one of those half balls on a platform) and a Step (you should all know what that is, even you only know the one your mother uses to grab something from the top shelf).

[caption id="attachment_472" align="alignleft" width="150" caption="Step 360 Pro"]... Read More


How to freeze an athlete…

It's a simple ingredient to any training - ICE. We have all been there, you train hard, you go for it as much as you can and then you have to hurry up, get changed and go to work (or something). The next day, you wonder why your body is in agony and remember in misery that you didn't cool down sufficiently after your training, and therefore all the waste produce of the hard training is still rumbling around your body and stiffening up those muscles. As you robotically try and descend the ... Read More


New Bikes

[caption id="attachment_439" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="The new LDN bike - sneak preview"][/caption]

I love the way the fitness industry is never static. Changes in knowledge, scientific breakthroughs and simply ever fasting changing ... Read More


You’re only as good as…. your equipment

As regular readers know by now, I am all for exercising outdoors. I run outside, bike outside, ski, skate, do my weight sessions and stretches outside whenever I can. Part of my love of sports, is that I CAN do all these things outdoors, get some much needed oxygen into my system and feel that sense that I call "love of the universe" as a result.

But at times you are forced to go indoors - either because of (extreme) weather, or because you are travelling or you live inner-city where ... Read More


Block training for strength

If you are looking to build strength and resilience - you might want to consider block training. Simple word - very hard training! I do block training on the bike in the gym since this is one training session that I really like to control v. closely in terms of effort and time.

The idea is simple - you alternate between high RPM (revolutions per minute) with a low resistance, and low RPM with a very high resistance. Aim for 3 mins. for each block but you can build up the length of the ... Read More


Livestrong – a great site!

Being a fan of any rider in the Tour de France but definitely one that admires the amazing performance Lance Armstrong has just shown - I obviously had to check into his Livestrong project.

To my surprise, it's not just about a way to gain funds for his project, but the site is really good. If you are looking for all sorts of good calculators or tools, even a way to track your progress - then have a look at http://www.livestrong.com/tools. You can register and keep a profile if you ... Read More


Tour de France

I have to admit to being a huge fan. And this year it's gotten even better - not only have we survived years of doping, spiralling out of control, but we now have Twitter! It all adds to the ability to keep track of what is going on, all afternoon/evening long.

Personally, I have always used the Tour as a great training tool. Yeah, you heard me right, training tool. I am obviously not in the same league as the guys out there battling it away over 100;s km - but I can DEFINITELY ... Read More


The Light in your Eyes…

During the summer I exercise outdoors as much as I can. The feeling of air and sun on your skin is the best there is and only enhances the work-outs I do.

More and more people are aware of the fact that the sun, whilst great and healthy and necessary in a lot of ways, can also be harmful to your skin and we are beginning to all plaster ourselves with the appropriate SPF's. But one thing you do need to be aware of when exercising outdoors is the effect on your eyes too! Your eyes are ... Read More


Gadgets – Nike iPod/Sportskit

It all keeps getting better! Gadgets are great anyway, but those that connect several goals at once, are the best. Like the new Nike/iPod Sportskit

Now you can set your goals and record your progress with your iPod Touch or Nano. Simply take it with you to the gym, connect to your cardio apparatus and climb, step or run the h...out of it. Then at home connect it to your ... Read More


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