Massage – Shiatsu

In my massage series, here's the second of 14 types...Shiatsu.

I had never had a Shiatsu massage myself  as I tend to stick to Deep Tissue Massages to relieve strains and release kinks in my muscles. But a friend had been talking about it, so finally I decided to experience this for myself. It was a true revelation.

Shiatsu ((指圧 Japanese stemming from shi, meaning finger, and atsu, meaning pressure) is performed by a therapist using ... Read More


Massage – Thai style

Massage is a wonderful tool to make sure your body recovers and restores from all the stresses you put it through every day. Over time, more and more wonderful massage types have reached the western world. I'll try and cover the 14 types I know of over the next few weeks so I hope you'll come back and/or add your own favourite massage therapists for each type!

First of all, Thai massage - one of my favourites. Involving a series of movements that you shouldn't attempt at home, Thai ... Read More


Soft tissue

An expansive topic - Soft Tissue. Meaning all the tissues that are not bone, effectively so skin, underlying layers as well as muscles and tendons. Often injuries start occurring when layers of tissue get "glued" together - causing less flexibility and more friction for other parts to move. Or your muscles develop tiny tears which can lead to scar tissue which in turn can lead to more tearing etc. So all in all, keeping your soft tissue loose is definitely something you want to do. You can do ... Read More


Spa Secrets

I visited a Spa today (and yes, called it work of course as I happened to be there for a meeting) that was so gorgeous, and in such lovely surroundings that I feel as if I have to rub my eyes and look again - which means, oddly enough, visiting another time - to make sure I wasn't dreaming.

The Healing Arts Center & Spa, is located at Cavallo Point in Sausalito, just north of San Francisco's Golden Gate Bridge.  Cavallo Point used to be an army barracks but some inventive soul has ... Read More



Ok it's weekend, I have been working out like crazy all week and am feeling in tip-top shape.... well, almost. I really like a great massage or spa treatment which is like the icing on the cake, the celebration of all the hard work you put in to get and stay fit and healthy.

One of my favourite spas is the Spa at Equinox in Chicago under the fabulous management of Lisa. She definitely is a gal who has things under control. Which includes her clients ... Read More


Massage as a training tool

All throughout my training career, I have been in favour of a regular massage. Not just because it feels great of course although that is a good enough starting point.

Typically when you exercise, you actually will cause changes in your body over time. That’s the idea, right? You want to lose weight – for that you need to get leaner, increase your metabolism and increase your muscle mass. So you get on a bike, or out on a run and you push yourself . Which in turn means your muscles ... Read More


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