Funky Playlist May 2012

Do you like working out to music? I do - at least, I do when I am inside. When I am running on a treadmill or trying to get myself motivated on a spinning bicycle in the corner of one of those horrible hotel fitness centres - I do love a good beat!

So here is a 35 minute playlist that I would highly recommend you try. The beat starts slow and builds up and then eases of towards the end of the playlist. My absolutely favourite? "I won't grow up" by Audra Mae...it doesn't just strike a ... Read More


A little sunshine…

During these long dark winterdays, it sometimes seems that you are endlessly waiting for a little bit of light to filter through into our lives. So  let me help you with this special playlist I created. It will bring that a little sunshine and a lot of beat into your exercising hours!

The playlist is built so you can start with any easy warm-up, the moves up a notch to a few more energetic sections to get your heart going and then let’s you cool down to some classics. Use it on the ... Read More


Some music to get you going!

For me, when I am working out in a gym - I need MUSIC! A great beat is like a great personal trainer - it gets you going, and keeps you going just that bit longer when you feel like giving up. So here are some favourite tunes that I love to work out to - turn up the volume and enjoy!!


Gonna make you sweat - C+C Factory

My life sucks without you - Kelly Clarkson

Elevator - Flo Rida

So What - Pink

This is the Life - Amy ... Read More

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Gadgets – Nike iPod/Sportskit

It all keeps getting better! Gadgets are great anyway, but those that connect several goals at once, are the best. Like the new Nike/iPod Sportskit

Now you can set your goals and record your progress with your iPod Touch or Nano. Simply take it with you to the gym, connect to your cardio apparatus and climb, step or run the h...out of it. Then at home connect it to your ... Read More


Get on y’r bike…..

It's time for a fun, hard, sweaty weekend workout. I hope you find some time this weekend to get through this routine. You can do it on a bike (stationary or rolling!) but you could follow the same instructions and use a cross-trainer or eliptical trainer if you prefer. All music can be downloaded from iTunes.

Superstition - Stevie Wonder    4:27

Your warm-up - keep it at a nice even pace..

Easy riding, pedal at smooth rate. Aim for 80 rpm ... Read More


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