On the road to better energy!

Lately I have been focusing on a new aspect very closely related to the whole idea of training to get fitter and healthier - that of training and supporting your internal systems. I really strongly believe that healthy eating is key to getting the best out of yourself. So often, people will view food as something that they should enjoy first and foremost. What it does once inside you, apparently is secondary. For me, whilst I love my food to be tasty, what it does is almost the more important ... Read More


It is not WHAT you eat, it’s what your body does with it!

Last week I talked about the great misunderstanding even healthy people have about food. They think that just because they consume healthy foods, they must be healthy. Alas, if only it were that easy!! :-)

I am one of those people, I hasten to add. Although ever since I can remember I have been conscious of what I ate ( I am lucky that I even ... Read More


Fit to be an Entrepreneur

I have to tell you about this great event I have coming up in San Francisco on the 6th December. I am bringing together a number of my favourite people to share thoughts and ideas with you about your fitness, best nutrition and general well-being. As Entrepreneurship is my OTHER passion - we are combining these two that evening although you don't have to be a business owner to care about achieving your very best personal health of course 😉

If you want more energy, improve your ... Read More


Correcting your behaviour – NOW

As I share in my introduction and many of my blogs - I am one of those nuts that has always exercised, for as long as I can remember. Which memory btw, unfortunately gets shorter every day as conversely the time I have been exercising gets longer (maybe that is a good think) ;-(

This week I had a great run with Chris Dovale - my personal trainer - along one of my favourite routes. We run along and then go up the steps to the Coit Tower in SF and back down the streets to our starting ... Read More


Coconut Palm Sugar

More and more often I read that sugar seems to be rather bad for your health. Particularly with regards to Aging (which I am getting more worried about, I have to admit... doesn't it just seem to creep up on you?) So I have recently been looking for good alternatives. There are lots of foods I don't like eating without the added touch of something sweet (like oatmeal or coffee).

I don't like sachrose or any of those chemical sweeteners much, honey has too strong a flavour for a lot of ... Read More


Simple stuff

Many of you ask me for help with diets and particularly diets when you are travelling. It is a tough one, I know from experience, I spend enough time on the road myself!

For me the rule is simple, I try and stick with foods that are as close to natural as possible. No cakes, biscuits, muffins but bananas, bags of nuts or raisins or a mix of those two, salads and simple sandwiches if you must get something solid. In terms of drinks, green tea is fine, water obviously is perfect and ... Read More


Listen to your body

This week a close friend of mine ended up in hospital. Hospital staff called it a miracle he came through the door upright, usually people with his issue would have been carried through! Although he had needed a little push to get him to go, he went to the doctor after not feeling great for a while and will live a healthy life because he listened to his body...

I have always believed that at the end of the day - you know your own body best. Or at least, you should know it ... Read More


Trail riding

If you are in an area where you can get up into the hills - GOOOOO! It's so incredibly exhilarating to ride high over the ridges - even though the climb up to the ridge and the bit down again usually will take the most time and the easy riding on the top will only be a fragment of the journey :-)

To find great trails, first find your local ... Read More


Building up your training

It's not always easy to know how to go about building up your training, rather then doing the same thing day-in-day-out, week-in-week-out. It's hard enough to simply train at least 3-4 times each week.

Ofcourse, your training schedule depends on what you are training for. If you are aiming for a certain race - your goal is pretty fixed and you will need to make sure you get to your best performance around that time. But your goal could simply be to lose some weight, or to see how far ... Read More


Measuring up…

As I see yet another magazine proclaiming to get you that hot "beach body" within a week, I thought I might do a little overview of how best to measure whether you are getting anywhere near that ideal.. Mind you, never understood the overkill on getting to that Beach Body. To me a beautiful body is anyone who is looking healthy, with a zest for life and confidence in themselves!

However, even for health it is good to know where you are at, and benchmarking against that.

SO what ... Read More


Be creative!

Ready for the weekend?? I am - weather is going to be great so I will be out there enjoying myself :-)

When it gets to being summer, I always find myself disliking heading to the gym. Not because I don't want to be working out, but simply because it is INSIDE, and I want to be out there in the gorgeous weather, feeling the sun on my skin (or ... Read More


And then it’s late….

So these are the days that exercising can be so hard - it's been a nice sunny day out there, you have been out with some friends straight from work and you are feeling exceedingly lazy and definitely not in the mood to even think about working out.

Well for one thing - if you have had a few drinks (alcoholic ones that is) - a hard exercise session is probably not a good idea in any case, but you could do a lot worse then just putting on those comfy shoes and going for a nice steady but ... Read More


Tips from a Pro – Diets

Following my write-up yesterday, I am getting more and more feedback - thank you! It's interesting to see that whilst we collectively know quite a lot about fitness, and looking after our health, we still get totally fazed by all the myths that are out there. So Nando, PT and Masseur at 1-2-1 Trainers pulled some myths out of his healthy hat and asked me to share them with you.

Here's some of Nando's thoughts on food/diets:

There is so much misinformation out in the world today ... Read More


Quick sweet treat

One great sweet treat that you can prepare v. easily is the following:

Grab a sheet of aluminium foil.
Half a ripe necatarine or peach - take the stone out and put both halves on the foil.

In the bowl where the stone was on one half - add a crumbed amaretti biscuit (italian), preferably the softer variety.
Sprinkle over a little Grand Marnier, Almond liqueur or almond essence - don't worry - the alcohol will evaporate.
add a teaspoon of brown sugar.

Put ... Read More


Heartrate monitoring

When you are looking to improve your fitness, you will at some point need to invest in a heart rate monitor.

Many people train for years without them of course, they tend to be reasonably expensive if you want to get a good one and most of the recreational sports enthusiasts don't really know what they offer. However, I absolutely think they are essential at almost any level - since they are a way of measuring WHAT you are actually doing and will help you gain more from the same ... Read More


How to stay fit – whilst working like mad…. mini-workout!

Everyone these days suffers from one of two things - or even a combination... You feel overworked and you are stressing about the state of the economy, be it on a micro (personal) level or on a macro (global) level. And then there's me cheerfully telling you that you need to work out. I am sure over the past week, you may have read my posts and gone "yea, right - she's probably not doing anything else so it's OK for her to talk...". Well - to give you a glimpse of how I do this, let me share ... Read More


Mid-Week Crisis?

It's like a mini mid-life crisis every single week - you have started out enthusiastically on Monday with the best intentions of working out every day, and suddenly it is Wednesday and you haven't actually gotten out there yet so you feel miserable and a loser. Or something like that :-) It's called the mid-week crisis. And you are not ... Read More


Sunday morning exercises

It's Sunday morning, you just rolled out of bed and standing there yawning you realise you really ought to do some exercises. Now, normally you'd probably push that thought to the furthest corner of your awakening brain and head off to get a great big breakfast. But why not make today a little different and start of with some easy stuff that will leave you feeling looser and give you a reason to have a second piece of toast later?

Since you have been lying down all night, do a quick ... Read More


Singing for your Dinner?

Right - so now we are at the final meal of the day. Don't forget that you can adapt my suggestions by adding more or less carbohydrates if you need to. For instance, if you are training a lot, or working out hard - then the suggestions I gave thusfar are possibly on the light side (depending on your weight and gender). The menu items I have given you are for those that want to eat healthy and light, even possibly getting leaner then they are.

Carbohydrates can be found in all sorts of ... Read More


3 Lunches

If you aren't still trying to get the oatmeal scraped from the bottom of your pans - you may be ready for some lunch options :-)

I like the following - if you have other suggestions, please feel free to post a comment and share.

1. Happy Meal

Not the McDonalds variety - but one that gives you a mid-day boost. Mix chopped endives ... Read More

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