Tragedy at the Boston Marathon

I cannot believe the news coming through even 10,000 feet in the air as I am on a flight... what mad human being is capable of creating such chaos and destruction at a sports event? These events are meant to celebrate human life & the great achievements human bodies are capable of when you set your  mind to it.

I am so very sad that more lives were lost today, people that set out this morning to make a dream of theirs come true or to cheer on someone else's. I hope all of you ... Read More

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Massage – Thai style

Massage is a wonderful tool to make sure your body recovers and restores from all the stresses you put it through every day. Over time, more and more wonderful massage types have reached the western world. I'll try and cover the 14 types I know of over the next few weeks so I hope you'll come back and/or add your own favourite massage therapists for each type!

First of all, Thai massage - one of my favourites. Involving a series of movements that you shouldn't attempt at home, Thai ... Read More


Lose weight or else…

Here's one site I just came across that I just love - it's hilarious.

The picture: you have tried everything to lose weight, you have sworn off food for life, you have bribed your husband/wife to only cook you healthy foods, you have tinkered with the scale to show that number you desperately want to see and/or you have set fire to your old wardrobe trying to kid yourself into one that is at least 2 dress sizes smaller...and none of it has worked.

The solution: according to ... Read More


on the right path?

Life is all about ups- and downs. Maintaining a healthy body and healthy mind is no different!

This weekend, I was trying out some fitness wear. When showing my choices to my patient shopping friend, the sales woman said to him "I hope I will look like her when I am as old as she is"...

I think I'll take that as a compliment.... :-)... Read More


the importance of Protein

There are tons of myths about protein and sports. For instance, that simply eating more protein will increase your muscles. Now - it would be nice if it worked like that but then again, when have you ever found something to be that easy? No, unfortunately, eating protein alone will not build all that nice toned muscle for you - you have to work at it yourself!

But protein is a very important nutrition source for muscles and you should look closely at your diet and ensure you are ... Read More


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