From racing bike to wheelchair…

This time I am posting a blog that was written by my spinning buddy Eelco. I wrote about Eelco a few months ago, just after he had been diagnosed with ALS, a condition that atrophies the muscles in your body over the course of usually a few years, till you finally die as you can no longer even take your next breath. A death sentence in other words.

I have followed with admiration how Eelco is not just dealing with his own illness, but how he has started a ... Read More


Block training for strength

If you are looking to build strength and resilience - you might want to consider block training. Simple word - very hard training! I do block training on the bike in the gym since this is one training session that I really like to control v. closely in terms of effort and time.

The idea is simple - you alternate between high RPM (revolutions per minute) with a low resistance, and low RPM with a very high resistance. Aim for 3 mins. for each block but you can build up the length of the ... Read More


From the downtown bike shop

I caught this on Twitter - thank you for that! - and just have to share with you. Don't worry - I will mention the source ofcourse which is Craig's list or @downtownRob. It just fits everything else I write about and creates some light humour after a long week!!

A few things from the bike shop.

Date: 2009-05-27, 4:05PM PDT

Whoo-hoo Seattle, the sun is out! Let's discuss a few things before you fumble with swapping the unused ski rack for the unused bike rack on ... Read More


Why keep fit?…this is why!

A hilarious little article caught my eye in the papers -

In Germany, a bag-thief got the suprise of his life. As he raced past an 80-year old lady cycling along, he grabbed her handbag from her basket. He, 41 and presumably in training for some time :-), sped off, but had not anticipated that the 80-year old would give chase!! She didn't hesitate but went off after him. And not only that, but she managed to catch the attention of a car driver in the process who didn't hesitate and ... Read More

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Long bike ride and dessert…

I love long bikerides - and am heading out today on one. Get a map of your local area, and discover the trails near your town. It's so good to just enjoy the scenery but moving at a slower pace and taking it in, instead of speeding by in a car. For me long means 3 hours (or more). Great for my basic level condition since I am not blasting at full speed the whole time, and good for burning those calories and get my metabolism moving.

Tonight I'll have one of my favourite desserts, and ... Read More


Get on y’r bike…..

It's time for a fun, hard, sweaty weekend workout. I hope you find some time this weekend to get through this routine. You can do it on a bike (stationary or rolling!) but you could follow the same instructions and use a cross-trainer or eliptical trainer if you prefer. All music can be downloaded from iTunes.

Superstition - Stevie Wonder    4:27

Your warm-up - keep it at a nice even pace..

Easy riding, pedal at smooth rate. Aim for 80 rpm ... Read More


Mid-Week Crisis?

It's like a mini mid-life crisis every single week - you have started out enthusiastically on Monday with the best intentions of working out every day, and suddenly it is Wednesday and you haven't actually gotten out there yet so you feel miserable and a loser. Or something like that :-) It's called the mid-week crisis. And you are not ... Read More


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