Thinking about Food

It struck me this week that food means different things to different people. I know, not exactly an earth shattering or scientifically astounding thought, but still - I had often wondered why people make such wrong choices when it comes to choosing what food they want to eat and now  I have finally worked that out.

Ultimately - I think that most people view food as something they "deserve", or in other words, a treat. When it comes to treats, you want something that is indulgent, like ... Read More


Simple stuff

Many of you ask me for help with diets and particularly diets when you are travelling. It is a tough one, I know from experience, I spend enough time on the road myself!

For me the rule is simple, I try and stick with foods that are as close to natural as possible. No cakes, biscuits, muffins but bananas, bags of nuts or raisins or a mix of those two, salads and simple sandwiches if you must get something solid. In terms of drinks, green tea is fine, water obviously is perfect and ... Read More



Here's another one of those great topics that you could spend hours on...Calories. We all know what they are used for - basically as a measurement of the richness of food in the sense that if you eat too many calories, you will gain weight and if you eat less - you will lose some. But then I got the question - what is a Calorie? Hmmmm, nice subject for a Saturday morning.

So a Calorie is indeed a measure of energy - to be exact, originally it was a measure of how much ... Read More


Peanut Butter- friend or foe?

Always a great debate about Peanut Butter, is it GOOD for you or not??

Well - let me help you a little - Peanut Butter is definitely packed with calories, so eating a jar will make you gain weight. However, it is packed with the good kind of oil/fat - the non-saturated fats that you also find in olive oil and avocados etc. and you don't need to avoid all of them. It is classified as a vegetable fat, rather then animal fat.

You do need to look at the jar though and see how much ... Read More


Gadgets – Nike iPod/Sportskit

It all keeps getting better! Gadgets are great anyway, but those that connect several goals at once, are the best. Like the new Nike/iPod Sportskit

Now you can set your goals and record your progress with your iPod Touch or Nano. Simply take it with you to the gym, connect to your cardio apparatus and climb, step or run the h...out of it. Then at home connect it to your ... Read More


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