Safe Riding?

Yesterday I experienced once again how you never know what will happen when riding. As I was happily out mountainbiking and enjoying the great weather, a "normal person" came the other way, tried to move to the side of the path as my buddy and I came towards her, and slid off the mossy side of the path, she fell and her bike skidded across the path blocking it. Trying to avoid it I thought I had managed to pass, but unfortunately the sliding bike hit my rear tyre and blocked it...launching me ... Read More


New Bikes

[caption id="attachment_439" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="The new LDN bike - sneak preview"][/caption]

I love the way the fitness industry is never static. Changes in knowledge, scientific breakthroughs and simply ever fasting changing ... Read More


ALS – the rest of your life

I write about health, fitness and sports - that is my passion and an intrinsical part of my life. I write about things you can do to train, to get the most out of your life, to stay healthy and most of all, to LIVE your life with passion and joy.

But occasionally I have to veer to another topic and look at the other side of health, fitness and feeling great - one of my sporting buddies, the fittest guy of the troop on the bike - just got diagnosed with ALS. ALS - Amyotrophic lateral ... Read More


Sun, Sand and Simple fun

Yesterday, I simply had a lot of fun...or even a lot of simple fun.
The weather was a little grey and not actually that great, so I decided a bike ride would definitely cheer me up. As I rode with two of my cycling buddies, the weather cleared up and it actually became a nice summer day. We often ride in the area, without having any fixed idea of where we want to go, but this time we had decided to find a new path that we knew had to be there specifically for hikers and bikers ... Read More


Tour de France

I have to admit to being a huge fan. And this year it's gotten even better - not only have we survived years of doping, spiralling out of control, but we now have Twitter! It all adds to the ability to keep track of what is going on, all afternoon/evening long.

Personally, I have always used the Tour as a great training tool. Yeah, you heard me right, training tool. I am obviously not in the same league as the guys out there battling it away over 100;s km - but I can DEFINITELY ... Read More


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