So from time to time, I am inspired to write not just about my own love of sports and keeping fit and healthy, but about the journey someone else takes.

I have this great friend, Roddy, that when we used to work together, would always be on the verge of starting a fitness regime. We'd travel around Europe together on business and he would "maybe" join me in the gym in the morning, or "almost" go on a run with me at 5am..but never quite make it. So we joked about it, and I teased him ... Read More



Everyone has their favorite ways of dealing with jetlag - most people just succumb to it actually, you see them walking round like zombies for days. And sometimes that was after a mere 1 hour flight :-) But seriously, jetlag can be really awful and if you fly longer distances it's a good idea to try and not get into a battle with it. You'll ... Read More


A spring in your step

It's a known fact - your body ages as you get older. It's one thing knowing this, but I have sad news - it's even worse experiencing it!!

Of course I am not THAT old - but I definitely notice that I am less flexible then I used to be. Because your cells don't renew as eagerly as they used to, both your muscles and joints tend to become stiffer. But seriously - you don't have to take that! You can actually do something about it.

First of all - you can stretch more regularly to ... Read More


Some new exercises!

Training again with Travis this morning - he never ceases to amaze me by coming up with new stuff every time. I like variety though, so happily go through the new moves he throws at me (and then stands by and just laughs!! PT are sadists at heart really I have decided)

Here's some that you really ought to try in your gym!

For your hamstrings and balance:
Find a regular bench, stand on the right of the bench, facing along the length of it (preferably in ... Read More


Be creative!

Ready for the weekend?? I am - weather is going to be great so I will be out there enjoying myself :-)

When it gets to being summer, I always find myself disliking heading to the gym. Not because I don't want to be working out, but simply because it is INSIDE, and I want to be out there in the gorgeous weather, feeling the sun on my skin (or ... Read More


And then it’s late….

So these are the days that exercising can be so hard - it's been a nice sunny day out there, you have been out with some friends straight from work and you are feeling exceedingly lazy and definitely not in the mood to even think about working out.

Well for one thing - if you have had a few drinks (alcoholic ones that is) - a hard exercise session is probably not a good idea in any case, but you could do a lot worse then just putting on those comfy shoes and going for a nice steady but ... Read More


How to stay fit – whilst working like mad…. mini-workout!

Everyone these days suffers from one of two things - or even a combination... You feel overworked and you are stressing about the state of the economy, be it on a micro (personal) level or on a macro (global) level. And then there's me cheerfully telling you that you need to work out. I am sure over the past week, you may have read my posts and gone "yea, right - she's probably not doing anything else so it's OK for her to talk...". Well - to give you a glimpse of how I do this, let me share ... Read More


Energy – where do you get yours from??

I love this topic, but it is one of the hardest to tackle in a simple blog. If you want to achieve anything with your exercise or sport though, or simply want to maintain a healthy balance in life, you need to understand how your body is fuelled.

Let me break it down to basics - there's three major sources of energy that your body can use: carbohydrates, protein and fat. All day long, these sources are broken down into usable format by your body, which is effectively just one big ... Read More


Find a rhythm

For me, exercising is like breathing. If I don't do it regularly, I don't live.

People often ask me how I manage to make time every day for sports, or exercise. It's like eating though - you all make time for a meal, right? But I understand that it is not that easy for everyone to motivate themselves.

The "trick" is to make it a routine. Don't try and work out whenever you feel like it, but set yourself a time maybe three times a week defining what you would like to do in ... Read More


Sunday morning exercises

It's Sunday morning, you just rolled out of bed and standing there yawning you realise you really ought to do some exercises. Now, normally you'd probably push that thought to the furthest corner of your awakening brain and head off to get a great big breakfast. But why not make today a little different and start of with some easy stuff that will leave you feeling looser and give you a reason to have a second piece of toast later?

Since you have been lying down all night, do a quick ... Read More


Your Goals & You

One of the most important things you can do if you want to start enjoying exercise - is to take a long hard look in the mirror. Without knowing what you look like, what your specific make-up is, you will not be able to work towards a realistic goal. And without knowing where you are starting from, how will you determine when you finally get to where you wanted to go?

So take a look, specifically at the following - always remembering that none of them are good or bad, but it is about ... Read More


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