So from time to time, I am inspired to write not just about my own love of sports and keeping fit and healthy, but about the journey someone else takes.

I have this great friend, Roddy, that when we used to work together, would always be on the verge of starting a fitness regime. We'd travel around Europe together on business and he would "maybe" join me in the gym in the morning, or "almost" go on a run with me at 5am..but never quite make it. So we joked about it, and I teased him ... Read More


Power of Positive Thinking

I was watching a programme this week on TV, whilst on my treadmill of course ;-),  which was claiming this wonderful new fitness movement. Basically, what it boiled down to was the fact that it combined a good solid exercise routine based on yoga moves, pilates and cardiovascular work-out elements with positive thinking. Well - I must say - I couldn't agree more then that postive thinking will have a serious impact both on your physical well being as well as your mental state. But it isn't ... Read More


Max Training

Having written about testing your maximum heart rate a little while ago, it occurred to me that it had actually been a long time since I did check it myself. In fact, I soon enough discovered it was 6 years ago! I have always trained and roughly know my limits but still - it's good to test your max more regularly then every 6 years since your age changes (arrggh) and your circumstances change too. So to keep your training at the most effective levels, do a check once every 2 years or so at a ... Read More


Why am I writing this blog?

This blog is aimed at providing you with lots of information about health, fitness, sports and anything related. It is not meant to necessarily teach - but to help you keep on track with your fitness goals, inspire you on those days that you get up and really don't feel like going to the gym, give you a yummy recipe without all the calories and share with you my philosophies on a healthy and happy life.

Why would you read this? Well, I have been a sports enthusiast now for over 45 ... Read More


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