PR Bars – all good stuff

As you know I am always on the look out for great tasting healthy snacks, preferably one with something to offer me pre or post workout and above all, since I am one of the converted - Gluten Free!

The latter is harder then it seems, anything that was made in a facility that also manufactures your standard granola bar, is out for me - I get all sorts of stomach upsets that I don't really care to tell you more about. Suffice to say, I am even pickier then I used to be when it comes to ... Read More


Thinking about Food

It struck me this week that food means different things to different people. I know, not exactly an earth shattering or scientifically astounding thought, but still - I had often wondered why people make such wrong choices when it comes to choosing what food they want to eat and now  I have finally worked that out.

Ultimately - I think that most people view food as something they "deserve", or in other words, a treat. When it comes to treats, you want something that is indulgent, like ... Read More


Simple stuff

Many of you ask me for help with diets and particularly diets when you are travelling. It is a tough one, I know from experience, I spend enough time on the road myself!

For me the rule is simple, I try and stick with foods that are as close to natural as possible. No cakes, biscuits, muffins but bananas, bags of nuts or raisins or a mix of those two, salads and simple sandwiches if you must get something solid. In terms of drinks, green tea is fine, water obviously is perfect and ... Read More


Lose weight or else…

Here's one site I just came across that I just love - it's hilarious.

The picture: you have tried everything to lose weight, you have sworn off food for life, you have bribed your husband/wife to only cook you healthy foods, you have tinkered with the scale to show that number you desperately want to see and/or you have set fire to your old wardrobe trying to kid yourself into one that is at least 2 dress sizes smaller...and none of it has worked.

The solution: according to ... Read More


Healthy foods

My last blog resulted in a number of comments and emails showing that you all do care about WHAT you eat, not just when or how much. In replying to some of you, I talked about food combinations, which can help you lose weight more quickly then just eating or leaving out one staple food item. For instance, if you are losing weight, you will need to make sure that despite the fact that it seems easy to cut out carbohydrates completely - this is not a good thing at all. You need carbohydrates ... Read More


Fuel your body

What I have noticed, and definitely like to see, is that there is a growing awareness of the need to feed your body the fuel it needs to perform. I know, it's been around forever - sportsnutrition is definitely not a new phenomenon and no, I am not so old that I have forgotten that! But even though I have been around in the sports world for 25 years (and a bit more), it strikes me that now, finally, even the average person is starting to understand that food does make a huge difference. The ... Read More


Treat time…

If you read my blog over the weekend, you can imagine that when I opened the washing machine today and took out my stuff, I found myself spraying sand all over the place. After my great, fun, brilliant bike ride on Saturday I added a beautiful run through a quiet Sunday morning wood - catching deer at their breakfast. And a hike today to kick off the day... what a way to start the week.

In any case, after all that, I figure it's treat time!!

Here's two recipes for treats that ... Read More


Tips from a Pro – Diets

Following my write-up yesterday, I am getting more and more feedback - thank you! It's interesting to see that whilst we collectively know quite a lot about fitness, and looking after our health, we still get totally fazed by all the myths that are out there. So Nando, PT and Masseur at 1-2-1 Trainers pulled some myths out of his healthy hat and asked me to share them with you.

Here's some of Nando's thoughts on food/diets:

There is so much misinformation out in the world today ... Read More


Quick sweet treat

One great sweet treat that you can prepare v. easily is the following:

Grab a sheet of aluminium foil.
Half a ripe necatarine or peach - take the stone out and put both halves on the foil.

In the bowl where the stone was on one half - add a crumbed amaretti biscuit (italian), preferably the softer variety.
Sprinkle over a little Grand Marnier, Almond liqueur or almond essence - don't worry - the alcohol will evaporate.
add a teaspoon of brown sugar.

Put ... Read More


Food for thought – Breakfasts


So what should you eat? I had a response yesterday after my post that it's all well and good to say that it should not be processed, but could I give some examples.

So let me start by giving you three different breakfasts. Breakfasts that will last, that will give you energy to do a workout and then some and that are healthy options. Tomorrow I will post three lunches and then Friday three evening meals - and I will refresh these from time to time so you don't get ... Read More


What to eat?

Sometimes it can be totally baffling to know what you should actually eat, whether related to exercise or not! Today you might read in the paper you should not have too much caffeine, tomorrow the world decides that it is the best thing since sliced bread - and oh, by the way, you shouldn't drink wine anymore. Which ofcourse in a year from now will be the most beneficial drink you can have....

I have a very simple rule that you can apply in case you really are not sure whether to have ... Read More


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