I love the little things in life. The the beauty and simplicity of some things, the unexpected and the quirky. It's always when you least expect it that something happens. And if you are open to it, you will catch it and learn from it even though you were not looking for it at that time.

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5 Principles of Healthy Living Assessment

Courtesy of Dr Brad Jacobs (bradlyjacobs@gmail.com), I am able to present you here with a great questionnaire that will give you an insight into your HEALTH! Take 5 minutes out of your busy busy life and score the questions below - then you can devote a little time over the busy holidays coming up on YOU and improving that score :-)... Read More


Fit to be an Entrepreneur

I have to tell you about this great event I have coming up in San Francisco on the 6th December. I am bringing together a number of my favourite people to share thoughts and ideas with you about your fitness, best nutrition and general well-being. As Entrepreneurship is my OTHER passion - we are combining these two that evening although you don't have to be a business owner to care about achieving your very best personal health of course 😉

If you want more energy, improve your ... Read More


ALS – the rest of your life

I write about health, fitness and sports - that is my passion and an intrinsical part of my life. I write about things you can do to train, to get the most out of your life, to stay healthy and most of all, to LIVE your life with passion and joy.

But occasionally I have to veer to another topic and look at the other side of health, fitness and feeling great - one of my sporting buddies, the fittest guy of the troop on the bike - just got diagnosed with ALS. ALS - Amyotrophic lateral ... Read More



So from time to time, I am inspired to write not just about my own love of sports and keeping fit and healthy, but about the journey someone else takes.

I have this great friend, Roddy, that when we used to work together, would always be on the verge of starting a fitness regime. We'd travel around Europe together on business and he would "maybe" join me in the gym in the morning, or "almost" go on a run with me at 5am..but never quite make it. So we joked about it, and I teased him ... Read More


The Light in your Eyes…

During the summer I exercise outdoors as much as I can. The feeling of air and sun on your skin is the best there is and only enhances the work-outs I do.

More and more people are aware of the fact that the sun, whilst great and healthy and necessary in a lot of ways, can also be harmful to your skin and we are beginning to all plaster ourselves with the appropriate SPF's. But one thing you do need to be aware of when exercising outdoors is the effect on your eyes too! Your eyes are ... Read More


Tips from a Pro – Diets

Following my write-up yesterday, I am getting more and more feedback - thank you! It's interesting to see that whilst we collectively know quite a lot about fitness, and looking after our health, we still get totally fazed by all the myths that are out there. So Nando, PT and Masseur at 1-2-1 Trainers pulled some myths out of his healthy hat and asked me to share them with you.

Here's some of Nando's thoughts on food/diets:

There is so much misinformation out in the world today ... Read More


More on Energy

Ofcourse, there is a lot of other things that are non-scientific that give me energy - to name a few: being up and out in the woods so early the birds are just bursting into full song, smelling the rain after a thunderstorm, seeing hills and mountains at my horizon, petting my pet, great friends and positive people, achieving something I thought beyond me, that first sip of espresso in the morning, the power of words, as I read them or writing my blog... and ofcourse simply being with those I ... Read More

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Why am I writing this blog?

This blog is aimed at providing you with lots of information about health, fitness, sports and anything related. It is not meant to necessarily teach - but to help you keep on track with your fitness goals, inspire you on those days that you get up and really don't feel like going to the gym, give you a yummy recipe without all the calories and share with you my philosophies on a healthy and happy life.

Why would you read this? Well, I have been a sports enthusiast now for over 45 ... Read More


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