Thinking about Food

It struck me this week that food means different things to different people. I know, not exactly an earth shattering or scientifically astounding thought, but still - I had often wondered why people make such wrong choices when it comes to choosing what food they want to eat and now  I have finally worked that out.

Ultimately - I think that most people view food as something they "deserve", or in other words, a treat. When it comes to treats, you want something that is indulgent, like ... Read More


the importance of Protein

There are tons of myths about protein and sports. For instance, that simply eating more protein will increase your muscles. Now - it would be nice if it worked like that but then again, when have you ever found something to be that easy? No, unfortunately, eating protein alone will not build all that nice toned muscle for you - you have to work at it yourself!

But protein is a very important nutrition source for muscles and you should look closely at your diet and ensure you are ... Read More



Here's another one of those great topics that you could spend hours on...Calories. We all know what they are used for - basically as a measurement of the richness of food in the sense that if you eat too many calories, you will gain weight and if you eat less - you will lose some. But then I got the question - what is a Calorie? Hmmmm, nice subject for a Saturday morning.

So a Calorie is indeed a measure of energy - to be exact, originally it was a measure of how much ... Read More


Energy – where do you get yours from??

I love this topic, but it is one of the hardest to tackle in a simple blog. If you want to achieve anything with your exercise or sport though, or simply want to maintain a healthy balance in life, you need to understand how your body is fuelled.

Let me break it down to basics - there's three major sources of energy that your body can use: carbohydrates, protein and fat. All day long, these sources are broken down into usable format by your body, which is effectively just one big ... Read More


What to eat?

Sometimes it can be totally baffling to know what you should actually eat, whether related to exercise or not! Today you might read in the paper you should not have too much caffeine, tomorrow the world decides that it is the best thing since sliced bread - and oh, by the way, you shouldn't drink wine anymore. Which ofcourse in a year from now will be the most beneficial drink you can have....

I have a very simple rule that you can apply in case you really are not sure whether to have ... Read More


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