Corporate Athletes

Last week at the EFactor attend in SF, Dr. Brad Jacobs made a great point. He compared the effort and strains of being a business man or woman with those of an athlete calling the latter "Corporate Athletes". How very true that is!!

Both have a ton of determination, are singularly focused on results and achievements, visualise the finish line and aim to get there first and both force their bodies and minds to heights that "mere mortals" don't think possible.

However, athletes ... Read More


Correcting your behaviour – NOW

As I share in my introduction and many of my blogs - I am one of those nuts that has always exercised, for as long as I can remember. Which memory btw, unfortunately gets shorter every day as conversely the time I have been exercising gets longer (maybe that is a good think) ;-(

This week I had a great run with Chris Dovale - my personal trainer - along one of my favourite routes. We run along and then go up the steps to the Coit Tower in SF and back down the streets to our starting ... Read More


How to freeze an athlete…

It's a simple ingredient to any training - ICE. We have all been there, you train hard, you go for it as much as you can and then you have to hurry up, get changed and go to work (or something). The next day, you wonder why your body is in agony and remember in misery that you didn't cool down sufficiently after your training, and therefore all the waste produce of the hard training is still rumbling around your body and stiffening up those muscles. As you robotically try and descend the ... Read More


Building up your training

It's not always easy to know how to go about building up your training, rather then doing the same thing day-in-day-out, week-in-week-out. It's hard enough to simply train at least 3-4 times each week.

Ofcourse, your training schedule depends on what you are training for. If you are aiming for a certain race - your goal is pretty fixed and you will need to make sure you get to your best performance around that time. But your goal could simply be to lose some weight, or to see how far ... Read More



Ok it's weekend, I have been working out like crazy all week and am feeling in tip-top shape.... well, almost. I really like a great massage or spa treatment which is like the icing on the cake, the celebration of all the hard work you put in to get and stay fit and healthy.

One of my favourite spas is the Spa at Equinox in Chicago under the fabulous management of Lisa. She definitely is a gal who has things under control. Which includes her clients ... Read More


Variety creates progress

I got started in Triathlons because I got injured as a runner. Simple fact. I had been running for a few years, and really loved it, but did find myself getting a few injuries along the way, shin splints, heel spur, sore knees - just because I was pounding the pavement too much. So then someone said "hey, you should try this little triathlon" whilst I was recovering and because I am Dutch and therefore born on a bicycle, and I could swim a length, I thought I would just try it. I actually won ... Read More


Running Schedule

This is a great schedule. It's both designed for novice runners that want to get started as well as for expert runners that have suffered an injury and need a guide to getting back into running again. I got it originally from a great phyisical therapist and have used it (more often then I'd like) over the past 20-odd years!

If you are new to running, start with Step 1!! Don't underestimate how much your body needs to acclimatize to the action of running. All you will end up with is ... Read More


Massage as a training tool

All throughout my training career, I have been in favour of a regular massage. Not just because it feels great of course although that is a good enough starting point.

Typically when you exercise, you actually will cause changes in your body over time. That’s the idea, right? You want to lose weight – for that you need to get leaner, increase your metabolism and increase your muscle mass. So you get on a bike, or out on a run and you push yourself . Which in turn means your muscles ... Read More


Training & Recovery

This is a subject that is as broad as it is long - how do you decide when to train and when not to train? If you read my blog yesterday on heartrate monitors, that's one aide that can help a great deal in deciding that question. Once you know what your resting heart rate is like - you also have a benchmark to measure against. When you are not well, or you are training too much - your resting heart rate will actually reflect this, sometimes by as much as 10 beats per minute more then normal ... Read More


Find a rhythm

For me, exercising is like breathing. If I don't do it regularly, I don't live.

People often ask me how I manage to make time every day for sports, or exercise. It's like eating though - you all make time for a meal, right? But I understand that it is not that easy for everyone to motivate themselves.

The "trick" is to make it a routine. Don't try and work out whenever you feel like it, but set yourself a time maybe three times a week defining what you would like to do in ... Read More


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