Spira shoes – saving runners’ knees

Just recently, I met Andy Krafsur, the founder, CEO and inventor of Spira and it's Wavespring technologoy. Of course it didn't take very long for us to start jabbering away about running not in the least because it never takes long for Andy to show his colours. Literally. He came to a meeting about Job Creation we both were invited to participate in (with White House representatives) with a boatload of his running shoes in all colours and sizes. Andy is passionate - which is probably the ... Read More

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Treadmill running

So last week I wrote about the need to run on treadmills and my general dislike of it. Well, it's like I immediately got a big slap on the wrist the next day! I discovered a completely different kind of treadmill that actually has me really excited!

A lot of my favourite runs are through the woods near my home, lovely mixes of trails and paths strewn with pine needles. That feeling of stillness and softness underfoot when your foot strikes the needles. The needles glide a little it ... Read More


You’re only as good as…. your equipment

As regular readers know by now, I am all for exercising outdoors. I run outside, bike outside, ski, skate, do my weight sessions and stretches outside whenever I can. Part of my love of sports, is that I CAN do all these things outdoors, get some much needed oxygen into my system and feel that sense that I call "love of the universe" as a result.

But at times you are forced to go indoors - either because of (extreme) weather, or because you are travelling or you live inner-city where ... Read More


Running Schedule

This is a great schedule. It's both designed for novice runners that want to get started as well as for expert runners that have suffered an injury and need a guide to getting back into running again. I got it originally from a great phyisical therapist and have used it (more often then I'd like) over the past 20-odd years!

If you are new to running, start with Step 1!! Don't underestimate how much your body needs to acclimatize to the action of running. All you will end up with is ... Read More


Sunday run

I just have to share this with you - I went out for such a great run this morning! Looking outside, it was pretty cloudy with a light drizzle. Since I don't mind rain when I run anyway, I decided to go for it nevertheless. Sitting inside just makes me cranky! It was heaven out there, great temperature, running in shorts v. early in the morning through a wet and deserted wood. And to top it all, I encountered a wonderful 1 year old stag, big and strong with newly forming antlers. Doesn't that ... Read More

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