TRX training

In the last year, I have been introduced by my PT Nando to TRX training. Yesterday I continued on the learning path with Chris Dovale at Equinox San Francisco.

TRX training is a great way or working out and can literally be carried with you anywhere. I just love it. Instead of using all sorts of machines, or even dumbbells/weights, it uses your own bodyweight. The core system consists of two pairs of straps, hooked at an elevated level. That means, you can hook it over a door, a ring ... Read More


Anaerobic Capacity

Today a guest-post by Coen van Schijndel, fitness expert and trainingscoach. www.topvorm.com

When the aerobic system (meaning: with oxygen) cannot cope, because the effort is too high, the body switches to another system: the anaerobic system.

Anaerobic literally means: without oxygen. Physically, it is the moment that you r body cannot cope with the conversion of glucose from carbohydrates as it has to do so without oxygen. Without oxygen, glucose is transferred with the help ... Read More


Energy – part 2.

I talked a lot about what types of energy your body uses as you breathe, walk around and work out. You basically use the three types : carbohydrates, fat and protein in that order of preference.

I got quite a few questions about that from you all. The generic question I hear is "If I work out at a fast pace, do I burn more calories and get faster?"

Well - the wonderful answer to this question is "it depends!". So you know nothing more then you did before...but let me try and ... Read More


Tour de France

I have to admit to being a huge fan. And this year it's gotten even better - not only have we survived years of doping, spiralling out of control, but we now have Twitter! It all adds to the ability to keep track of what is going on, all afternoon/evening long.

Personally, I have always used the Tour as a great training tool. Yeah, you heard me right, training tool. I am obviously not in the same league as the guys out there battling it away over 100;s km - but I can DEFINITELY ... Read More


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